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Mayor’s Youth Commission

The Mayoral Youth Commission works to bring youth voice to the Mayor and other city officials on key issues that affect young people in Chicago.

The Youth Commission is a group of 25 youth leaders from high schools and colleges throughout the city. The Commissioners work on the issues of education, safety, employment, health, and recreation for young people in Chicago. They gather youth input through surveys and interviews, analyze the data, design policy recommendations, and present them to the Mayor and other city officials.

Noteworthy Achievements:
  • Won Mayor Emanuel’s approval and successfully launched the Free CTA Fare initiative in 11 schools with the aim of increasing school attendance rates.
  • Published a State of Young Chicago report that outlined the top issues facing Chicago’s youth based on the input of 800 young people.
  • Created a youth friendly marketing campaign (“Be Involved, Be Chicago”) for the Chicago Parks District to help them recruit more high school-aged youth to their programs.
  • Facilitated and hosted a Youth Youth Ideas Hack where youth leaders from around the City were able to brainstorm and design tech-based solutions to community issues.

I’m proud of finding a safe comfortable space to express my political views.
–Warkaa Abdalhussein, member, Mayoral Youth Commission

More Information:

How might we create tools and opportunities for Chicago Police to better understand youth experience?– 2016 white paper
Chicago Youth Tech Pathway– 2015 white paper by the MYC
Youth Commission -State of Young Chicago 
Engaging Teens in the Chicago Park District: a report by the Youth Commission.
Youth-Led Peace Action Project Grants: 2015 Application process has now ended.
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of Mikva alumni are registered voters, vs. only 53% of 18-29 yr. olds nationwide


students campaigned during the 2015-16 Election Season


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teachers participate in Mikva Challenge programs across the country.


students from 117 schools nationwide presented speeches and/or worked on civic action projects


Mikva students serve as election judges each election cycle


of Mikva alumni continue to volunteer in their communities, vs. only 36% of 18-29 yr. olds nationwide


of Mikva alumni encourage their friends and family to be politically engaged, vs. only 35% of 18-29 yr. olds nationwide

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