Recruiting Student Election Judges!

Posted: 9/12/2012

To apply to become a student judge, send a completed application and permission slip to or fax materials to 312-268-5218. Applications are due Sept 24th at 7 p.m.

Mikva Challenge is recruiting high school juniors and seniors with good academic standing to become student polling judges on Election Day.

This Presidential race marks Mikva's 25th election since its founding in 1998. Every year, Mikva recruits, trains, and places around 2,500 Chicago teens in polling places across the city.

Chicago leads the nation with about thousands of youth staffing every single election.

"No other jurisdiction even comes close. Election officials accross the country ask us how to do it. It's simple. We partner with Mikva Challenge," said Chicago Election Board Chairman Langdon D. Neal. 

Election judges set up equipment, check in voters, issue ballots, resolve voter questions, and consolidate and report results after the polls close. In return, students will receive $170 in compensation as well as the chance to become politically active before they hit the voting age.

"I liked helping people and voting for the first time was awesome. It made me feel empowered," said a Whitney Young High School student. 

"I learned the importance of voting...which also taught me to pay more attention to politics," agreed a Rickover Naval Acedmy High School. 

Beyond experiencing first hand the impact of democratic participation, serving in a polling place also encourages community involvement and cohesion, according to student judges. 

"The most memorable part of serving as an Election Judge is meeting the people. Each of them was from my neighborhood and each voter that came knew the judges. I thought that was amazing and I wished I knew my neighbors like they did. It made me want to become more involved in my community," said a Mathers High School student.


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