Mikva's Anti-Cyberbullying Work on FOX Chicago News!

Posted: 1/18/2012

Fox Chicago News invited Mikva students to the studio again this morning to talk about their anti-cyberbullying advocacy work. The news channel reached out to the Mikva students as experts on the topic after a violent youth-on-youth beating was circulated on youtube this past week.

Watch the interview HERE.

Mikva's Youth-Created Anti-Cyberbullying Video

Your Social Life DVD and Discussion Guide: The Mikva Youth-Created film "Your Social Life" addresses the issue of cyberbullying from a young person's perspective. Through interviews with cyberbullies, targets, accessories, adult allies, and passive onlookers, the film presents a holistic view of the growing cyberbulling epidemic. It offers insights about the true consequences of digital abuse. Through entertaining dramatizations, "Your Social Life" engages audiences and opens the door for important discussions about issues ranging from burn pages to sexting. This film is a must-see for students, parents, teachers, school administrators, and all members of the digital community. This video was produced in partnership with Beyondmedia Education.

Click here to view the trailer..

Click here for information on how to get a copy of the video.


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