Philadephia Public School Notebook- "Philadelphia and other districts try to reinvent summer learning"

WBEZ- "Schools implement comprehensive sex ed initiated by state legislation"

WBEZ- "Six high schools pilot special Ventra card"

City of Chicago- "Mayor Emanuel CTA and CPS Announce Free Fare Card Pilot Program"


 Humboldt Park Portal- "Humboldt Park Students Taking the Lead!" "Chicago "Youth Solutions Congress" Aim to Fix their City"


Youth Solutions Congress Stories

NBC Chicago - "Teens Talk to Rahm About Solutions to Violence"

Univision - "Jóvenes estudiantes quieren cambiar a Chicago"
(Translation: "Young Students Want to Change Chicago.")

ABC 7 Chicago - "Man charged in teen girl's shooting death" (Mikva's Youth Solutions Congress was featured in this piece towards the latter part.)

Inauguration Stories- Mikva students' trip to DC for President Obama's Inauguration was covered on several news outlets.

Univision - "Jóvenes ejemplares de Chicago de camino a Washington"

Congressman Brad Schneider's Website - "Schneider Meets Mikva Challenge Students"

WBEZ - "Mikva Challenge students write letters to the President"

WBBM - "Local High School Students To Attend Inauguration"

NBC Chicago - "Illinois Students and Politicians Excited for Inauguration"

Chicago Sun-Times - "Obama inauguration: Illinois high schoolers fulfill "lifetime dream" in Washington"

FALL 2012

December 19, 2012. The McCormick Foundation came in to the Mikva office and interviewed Executive Director Brian Brady and Mayoral Advisory Council member Agustin Flores about the work Mikva Challenge does in Chicago. "Mikva Challenge: Youth Civic Engagement in Action."

November 22, 2012. Elections in Action Program Director, Cristina Perez, and Youth Commission member, Paris Jackson, talk about politics in the TV program Chicago Newsroom. "CN Nov. 22, 2012."

November 13, 2012.
Our Executive Director, Brian Brady, talked about the youth vote in the 2012 election in the Chicago Sun-Times. " Young Voters Hold a lot of Sway."

November 8, 2012. Our Elections in Action Program Director, Cristina Perez, was interviewed on WBEZ's "The Morning Shift" about the youth vote in the 2012 election. You can listen to the entire interview here

November 3, 2012. Mikva Teen Health Council student writes a letter to the editor of the Chicago Tribune about the effects of junk food on Chicago teens.  "Letter to the Editor: Student Health."

October 26, 2012
. Mikva students travel to Milwaukee to campaign for President Obama and Governor Romney. WGN News caught up with them. "Young Chicagoans Hit the Campaign Trail."

October 23, 2012. Medill Reports highlights Electoral Engagement programs in an article titled: "High school students play an integral part in the ‘get of the vote’ effort ."

October 10, 2012. Mikva's Electoral Engagement programs spotlighted in the national magazine Education Week in an article entitled,

October 8, 2012. Mikva Challenge's efforts to register young voters for the upcoming Presidential Election were highlighted in a story on WBEZ.

October 2, 2012. Over 200 high school students in Mikva's suburban election program gathered to watch the Presidential Debate. WBEZ covered the event:


September 11, 2012.U.S.Secretary of Education Arne Duncan's remarks about Mikva's Education Council and Student Judges program are highlighted in a American Association of Colleges and University journal essay entitled, "Civc Education for Democracy's Future."

August 27, 2012. Mikva's Youth Commission, in collaboration with the Mayor's Office, the University of Chicago, CPS, and CTA, launch the pilot of the "Chi-Card", a free transit program for Chicago students. The pilot is featured by
     • Chicago Tribune: "High Schoolers to Get Free CTA Rides to Class"
     • Chicago Sun-Times: "500 High School Students to Get Free CTA Rides"
     • WTTW's Chicago Tonight: "Mayor Emanuel Announces Free Fare Pilot Program"
     • WBEZ: "Some CPS students get financial help getting to school"
     • Chicago Now: "CTA, others working hard..."
     • The Examiner: "Mayor Emanuel Announces Free Fare Pilot Program"
     • Vivelo Hoy: "Pasaje Gratis Para Estutiantes en Chicago"

July 23, 2012. Mikva students Emma Leff and Stephen Gordon and Mikva programs are featured in a story on youth electoral participation and attitudes in Y-Press titled, "If You Want Something, You Go and Make it Happen."


May 31, 2012. Mikva and the Election Judge program are listed in a story in the Chicago Tribune titled, "Four Ways for Teens to Get Engaged Politics."

May 8, 2012. Former Mikva youth council director Jessica Gerhardstein Gingold discusses her experiences and Meira Levinson's No Citizen Left Behind, a book advocating action civics eduction, in a post for Harvard University Press titled "Closing the Civic Empowerment Gap."

April 23, 2012. Mikva is featured by author Meira Levinson as a way of reshaping power relationships through public political and civic action for low-income, marginalized youth, in a Harvard University Press book titled "No Citizen Left Behind."

April 1, 2012. Students in Mikva's Peace & Leadership Council at Clemente High School write a full-page story in the Chicago Sun-Times titled, "How_Violence_Affects_Students'_Lives."

March 28, 2012.
Mikva's Education Council takes a stand alongside Voices of Youth in Chicago Education (VOYCE) to push for more student input in teacher evaluations. Read the Chicago Sun-Times article titled, "Some_CPS_Students_Want_a_Voice_in_Grading_Their_Teachers."

March 26, 2012.
Mikva Peace & Leadership Council's work to make Fenger High School a more peaceful place featured in a Chicago Tribune article titled, "Fenger_High_School_Celebrates_Peace_Week."

March 25, 2012.
Mikva Peace & Leadership Council's peace efforts featured in a Chicago Sun-Times article titled, "2_Years_after_Student_Killed,_Peace_Breaks_Out_at_Fenger."

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