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News. Voice. Power Curriculum Links

The News. Voice. Power is Mikva’s news literacy curriculum in which students develop the skills to be critical news consumers and learn how to leverage the news media on an issue that they care about.

Below are links to the PowerPoint presentations that accompany each lesson of the News. Voice. Power. curriculum.

Additional links for the News. Voice. Power curriculum can be found below.

Unit 1: Becoming a Critical News Consumer

Lesson 2: Why News Matters

Person on the street interviews:

“How Ignorant are Americans?”

Learning Station #1:
OJ Simpson on Time and Newsweek

Learning Station #4:
Charles Moore Photography

Learning Station #5:
Public Opinion and Public Policy Regarding the Vietnam War

Lesson 3: With Power Comes Great Responsibility

Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics

Lesson 4: News Media Bias

“Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism”

Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics

Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land

Lesson 6: Identifying Perspectives in News Stories

Hurricane Katrina Articles:

Lesson 7: Distinguishing News from Commentary

Lesson 8: Fact Checking in the Digital Age

Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics

“10 Fake Photos of Hurricane Sandy” 

Dewey Beats Truman

“Obama to Write New U.S. Constitution” 

Student Handout Fact Checking in the Digital Age (p. 53)

Lesson 9: The Business of News

Student Handout News and Money: Cutting Corners (p. 57)

Student Handout News and Money: VRNs (p. 58)

Student Handout News and Money: Breaking News (p. 60)

Lesson 10: Media Consolidation

Media Consolidation Learning Stations (p. 65-66)

Lesson 11: From Headlines to Hashtags: How and Where People are Getting Their News

Student Handout Citizens: The New Fourth Estate

Unit 2: Taking Action: Leveraging the Media

Personal Democracy Manifesto

Student Handout: Create a Social Media Campaign (p. 101)

Kony 2012 Article

Student Handout: Facebook (p. 106)

Student Handout: YouTube (p. 107)

Student Handout: Creating Compelling Visuals (p. 109)

Student Handout: Blogs and Tumbler (p. 111)

Mikva’s Teen Health Council Blog

Student Handout: Create a Documentary (p. 113)

Student Handout: Crowdsourcing (p. 119)

Student Handout: Storify (p. 121)


students campaigned during the 2015-16 Election Season


of Mikva alumni encourage their friends and family to be politically engaged, vs. only 35% of 18-29 yr. olds nationwide


of Mikva alumni are registered voters, vs. only 53% of 18-29 yr. olds nationwide


Mikva students serve as election judges each election cycle


young people served in the Chicagoland area, California and Washington DC


students from 117 schools nationwide presented speeches and/or worked on civic action projects


teachers participate in Mikva Challenge programs across the country.


of Mikva alumni continue to volunteer in their communities, vs. only 36% of 18-29 yr. olds nationwide

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