Democracy is a verb.



Campaign Ads Throughout History

The living room candidate posts campaign ads dating all the way back to 1952 (have your students see how much advertising and campaigning has changed!). 

Crash Course in SuperPACs

Comedian and satirist Stephen Colbert has repeatedly used his late night show to give his audience civics lessons about what SuperPACs can and cannot do, legally, to support candidates running for office. Educators interested in learning more about this topic can click here to find the Atlanticwire‘s synopsis of Colbert’s recent moves or here for a list of video clips on this topic from The Colbert Report.

Stephen Colbert’s PAC:

Super PACs:

Deconstructing Campaign Messages and Resources

This lesson focuses on analyzing the style and substance of the campaigns in both free media, such as the news and televised debates, and paid media, such as TV commercials.

Teaching Campaign Finance

UW-Madison has collected a variety of videos, articles, and discussion strategies that teachers can use to help students explore existing and proposed campaign finance laws (as well as their impact on elections). Click here to access the in-progress site. Additionally, you can click here to find the NYTimes’ guide about the different ways one can make political donations.


of Mikva alumni encourage their friends and family to be politically engaged, vs. only 35% of 18-29 yr. olds nationwide


Mikva students serve as election judges each election cycle


young people from 115 schools across Chicagoland participate in Mikva Challenge programs annually


students campaigned during the 2015-16 Election Season


of Mikva alumni continue to volunteer in their communities, vs. only 36% of 18-29 yr. olds nationwide


of alumni of our Elections in Action programs continue to volunteer for political campaigns, vs. only 2% of 18-29 yr. old nationwide


Chicagoland teachers participate in Mikva Challenge programs


of Mikva alumni are registered voters, vs. only 53% of 18-29 yr. olds nationwide

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