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Remember us at Mikva Challenge?

Maybe in high school you were an election judge in our program or worked as a volunteer on a political campaign?  Or maybe you were in an Issues to Action classroom and did a project for the Civics Fair?  Perhaps you were a summer intern or served on a Peace Council, the Youth Innovation Fund, or the Citywide Youth Councils? Or maybe you gave a speech in your classroom and competed in our Citywide Project Soapbox Competition?

We hope you are doing well and are happy to connect with you again.  We know many of our alumni are living very civically engaged lives, running campaigns, starting nonprofits, organizing on important policy issues and working to reduce gang violence. We couldn't be prouder of how so many of you are becoming leaders in their communities.

We have 2 favors to ask of you:

  • First, we want to hear your reflections on Mikva now that some time has passed, and would love it if you would take this short survey.

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  • Second, we want you to become part of our Mikva Alumni Association. What does this mean?  The only responsibility is to let us know what you are up to every year or so and tell us about how you're still engaged in politics.  In return, we will help you network with other fantastic alumni both online and in person.  Think of this as a terrific professional and social network you can use to advance your career and educational goals. Enter your contact information in the fields below.


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